In Britain, winters can be cold, but never extreme; summers can be warm but never constantly hot.

Short of hopping on a plane every October and disappearing to the Canaries, Australia or New Zealand, waiting for the mercury to rise, your home and office, your business and workplace, needs to be flexible.

You and I have probably witnessed conservatories, which typify extremes.

They are often unbearable in summer, even with blinds and cool ceramic flooring, and chilly in winter when sunshine is in lower supply.

Other rooms in homes are likely to be less like this. New build properties, for example, often retain heat well in winter and stay relatively cool with low E double glazing in summer. A period home is often different: cold in winter with the need for additional heat sources and sweltering in summer.

At Eco Smart Homes, we can’t predict weather patterns or stare into a crystal ball and tell you what your home or business would benefit from, without a conversation!

We offer spray foam insulation solutions for both new and existing structures, using the Canadian market leader Icynene.

Swinging back to Europe and Germany, protective thermal solutions come from Properla, whose tag line is perfect “Keeping the weather out and the warmth in.”  You can visit their website here to check out its credentials.

Finally, for heating and cooling solutions, we are accredited installers of Daikin Air to Air Heat Pumps, who offer a huge range of smart products.

Whatever your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us in Chelmsford, Essex.

We look forward to working with you!